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Aster laevis ‘Bluebird’ the best blue color I have found to date.
Long lasting in the garden!
More autumn color and sustenance for the bees 🐝 
Solidago ‘Fireworks’ and 
Aster’Bluebird’ - both so 
easy to grow!
Sedum ‘Pillow Talk’ - untouched 
color! 💗 Beloved By Bees 🐝
Toad Lily Love 💗
‘Keepin On’
Been experimenting with new, fun plants in this small front garden. The neighbors have been enjoying it!  What do you think of this fantastic new allium? I feel super lucky to have incredibly special sources for unusual new introductions!
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#jardin #tuin #trädgård 
#landscapedesigner #designandbuild
Allium fun in the front ‘mini meadow’. Poppies and lots more to come!
He’s ba-a-a-ck! Raphael joined us last year and was about 1/5th the size of what he is now. Absolutely love our bullfrog and hope he sticks around for the summer.  By the way, I’m also back… on IG and FB😊
Estoril, Portugal
A delightful little pocket park along the main esplanade of Estoril, featured this stunning, short, lavender agapanthus….. or is it some kind of allium?
I have not been able to properly ID it.  It was a glorious swath of 18” tall stems, and the color glowed, even in the afternoon sun.  Do you have any ideas?
4 years ago today, 
@greggtepper and I were working on the first phase of @pietoudolf ‘s fabulous 2 acre meadow design in Delaware. Learning from and working with Piet was an unforgettable privilege. Thank goodness @roy_diblik_ and @austineischeidgardendesign came and helped us, along with countless others.  What a team, plus incredible volunteers and what a project! 
#meadow #master 
#perennials #pollinators 
#flowers for all
Phlox ‘Jeana’!
You cannot go wrong with this phlox!  I got plugs in from both @newmoonnursery and
@northcreeknurseries -
thank you! 1-2 years later, this phlox wants to be about 4’ tall and the swallowtail butterflies cannot leave it alone. They choose it every time, over other phlox and almost all my other flowers for butterflies. 
It is a MUST for every garden 🌞
#phlox #phloxjeana 
So left rear hillside is starting to come into its own!  I planted mostly for the butterflies, pollinators and birds - they are starting to enjoy it ! 🌞
Buddleia ‘Funky Fuchsia’
Cosmos, Cotinus Royal Purple’
Agastache ‘Golden Jubilee’ - much
 loved by the goldfinches
Echinacea ‘Purple Emperor’ - 
 thanks to @plants_nouveau 
Phlox ‘Blue Paradise’ -
 thanks to @pietoudolf 
Echinacea ‘Ruby Star’, I think
#pollinators #butterflies
#homegarden #ilovewhatido
All the new hillside plantings are starting to find their feet. I’ve had to redo so much of the rear garden. An unscrupulous builder tore down the lovely farmhouse behind us and put up a massive house. He flatly refused to properly manage the incredible water this house generates, so now we are utterly flooded every time there is a substantial rain. It’s been heartbreaking. Many wonderful old specimens have already died or are in the process, because the soil stays so wet. Anyway, we are trying to figure out how to manage the water but it will remain a perpetual challenge. In the meantime, I am exploring lots of new plants - the silver lining !
#gardenschange #tuin
#jardin #perennials #gardensofinstagram #instagarden #instagardeners 
A serendipitous moment in the nursery!
Itoh Peony ‘Kopper Kettle’ with Astilbe 
‘Chocolate Shogun’.....
oh buddy!! Love it when this happens. Now the question is, in the landscape, will A Chocolate Shogun be able to deal with the sun that this peony needs?  Definitely another experiment in the works!  What do you think?  Will the astilbe burn?
#experiments with
#perennials makes for
#better #plantcombinations in the #garden
Such a rite of spring!  Our annual trip out to Thanksgiving Farms in Buckeystown, Maryland is always a deliriously heady shopping spree! Their plants are just spectacular, all grown by Louisa, Darby and Melanie. If you live in the DC, MD or VA area, you HAVE to visit this nursery and brewery- you will come away with countless beautifully grown treasures! So many thanks @tfarmsgarden ❤️
#spectacular #annuals #perennials #shrubs and so much more!
The 2nd phase of my ‘mini meadow’ is starting up! Various anemones, centaura, zizia (not convinced), salvia ‘Evening Attire’ and even the ranunculus I planted last fall are budding up!  Can’t believe it. Excited to see how the tapestry continues to evolve. Thanks to some of your suggestions last year, I added quite a bit of Sedum ‘Dark Magic’ for more contrast later on. Stand by for monthly updates 😊
#inmygarden #meadow 
#magic #pollinators 
#color all #season
#tapestry of #textures 
Clematis ‘Ivan Olsson’
in bloom now. Hundreds of flowers this year! A gorgeous 5” flower with lavender edges and black & white stamens.
What a beauty!
#clematis #clematisflower #hardy #vines for the #garden
Early spring in this garden which is frequently under water. It’s been a challenge to finds plants that can deal with the rushing torrents that flow through during any storm, but that can also cope with hot dry periods of summer. The customer enjoys my experiments (TG!), and we are making progress. Trying to find an interesting climber for that trellis that is happy with perpetual wet feet - any ideas?
#gardendesign #gardendesigner
#soggy #challenge